Sport Fucker Butcher Tank

When you slip on our Brand New Sport Fucker Tank you’ll instantly feel the quality of our 100% cotton apparel made in Los Angeles.

Now for the good stuff:

What really makes this a killer Tank is how it makes the statement just what you are, or may secretly be aspiring to be – a Sport Fucker!

The definition of sport Fucker is printed boldly on the inside of the Tank. Feel free to arrogantly lift up your Tank, exposing the Sport Fucker definition while showing off your sweat- derived definition on your abs.

Definition Reads:

Sport fuck*er

Adjective \ `sport `fe-ker\

:A Person who engages in sexual activity purely for his/her own amusement, and is not interested in long-term relationships (or relationships of any kind.)

Play Hard, Fuck Hard. Just like other sports, you need the right gear. When it comes to the sweatiest and most intense sport of all, make sure you’re able to come out on top with Sport Fucker!