Made under strict EU guidelines and standards, Sport Fucker Silicone Lube has a classic silicone lube viscosity, is crystal clear in color and is odorless. As a result of testing during the development of this lube, Sport Fucker’s blend of two different silicones creates the best possible medium of glide and friction. If a silicone lube is too slick, you are not able to feel enough friction. If the lube is not slick enough, the friction becomes irritating and requires more lube to be added too often. There is nothing “revolutionary” about Sport Fucker Silicone Lube. The plain and simple truth is:
It’s Just The BEST!

We are offering this lube in two sizes: 245 ml and 100 ml. The 100 ml complies with TSA guidelines for acceptable carry-on liquid volumes. Buy both sizes and safe five bucks.